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Policy Handbook 
Policy Handbook
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AA/17/AS/21/UEPC - Revision to the Undergraduate Grade Option Policy

Effective Fall 2021

Resolved: For courses designated as letter or credit/no credit, students will have the option of changing their grade option until 4:59 p.m. the day before final exams as reflected in the Academic Year Calendar. 

Resolved: UEE programs whose final exam schedules do not fall under the Academic Year Calendar should work with faculty and students to facilitate any requested grade changes. 

Resolved: that as an important and time-sensitive issue [for application this semester] the approval and implementation process will be revised as follows: 

  • If the resolution is approved by the Senate with a 2/3 or higher majority, the normal waiting period of 10 days after draft minutes for the Senate meeting will be waived and the resolution will be presented to the President for her signature immediately. 
  • If the resolution is approved by the Senate with a less than 2/3 majority it will be processed in accord with our normal processes. 



One important means of supporting our University’s core mission is to ensure that students are able to make their grade option decisions with the most information possible. 

For courses in which students may elect to receive either a letter grade or a grade of CR/NC, the current permanent grade policy requires students to choose their grade option 14 calendar days prior to the first day of finals. 

Technology innovation and software improvements allow the Registrar’s Office personnel to require shorter turnaround times to designate student’s grade selections options in their MyStanState Student Center. As such there is no need to require an extended timeframe for students to select their grading option. 

This permanent modification to the window of opportunity to change one’s grading option will allow students more time to make that decision, which should also reduce the level of stress and anxiety related to the grade option they select. 

As with any grade option decision that includes credit/no credit, students should receive counseling from appropriate faculty and university advisors so that they can understand the ramifications of the options they select, particularly if they intend to select the CR/NC option.

With regards to the waiver because of the time sensitive nature of this resolution, we look to the Urgency Clause Statutes1 in place in the California Legislature & this is how they go about moving urgent, time-sensitive legislation through. 

Review History: Approved by the Academic Senate on November 2, 2021 

Approved by President Ellen Junn on November 4, 2021 

Academic Affairs Division has the primary responsibility for this policy.

Attachment(s): AA/17/AS/21/UEPC Revision to the Undergraduate Grade Option Policy  

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