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2018-2019 Academic Catalog 
2018-2019 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Registration and Attendance

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College Year Calendar

Summer Term 2018

June 4 - August 10   Sessions A, B, C
July 4   Fourth of July Holiday (Campus closed)

Fall Semester 2018

August 22 Classes Begin
September 3 Labor Day (Campus Closed)
September 19 Enrollment Census Date
October 10 Non-Instructional Day (Offices Open, No Classes)
November 12 Veterans’ Day observed (Campus Closed)
November 22-23 Thanksgiving Holiday (Campus Closed)
December 10 Last Day of Classes
December 11 Reading Day
December 12-18 Final Examinations
December 21 Grades Due from Faculty
December 21 Last Day of Term
December 25, 2018-
January 1, 2019
Holiday Break (Campus Closed)

Winter Recess 2019

January 2 - 22, 2019 Offices open, Intersession classes available through University Extended Education
January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Campus Closed)

Spring Semester 2019

January 25, 2019 Classes Begin
February 21 Enrollment Census Date
March 18 - 22 Spring Break (Offices Open, No Classes)
April 1 Cesar Chavez Day (Campus Closed)
May 10 Warrior Day (Offices Open, Classes Dismissed at Noon)
May 15 Last Day of Classes
May 16 - 22 Final Examinations
May 23 or 24 Commencement
May 27 Memorial Day (Campus Closed)
May 30 Grades Due from Faculty
May 30 Last Day of Term

Hours of Operation


Regular hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Summer hours are observed from June through August, and are from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Some smaller campus offices temporarily close during the winter recess and summer term. Please call to verify office hours before visiting.


Registration Procedure


Students may register, add or drop courses, or withdraw from the University via myCSUSTAN. This system is the only way to register for classes during the Priority Registration Appointment Period. After the Priority Registration period ends, students may register via the web or in person at the Enrollment Services Office.

For the most current and complete instructions for the use of myCSUSTAN and registration dates and deadlines, refer to the class schedule information at http://www.csustan.edu/classschedule.

At the start of each term, students should verify the completeness and accuracy of all of their intended enrollment transactions through myCSUSTAN. A student who unofficially drops a course or leaves Stanislaus State without officially dropping courses or withdrawing from the University through the Enrollment Services Office, may receive grades of WU, F, or NC. A student who attends a course without officially adding it through the Enrollment Services Office by the last day to add a course will not receive credit for the course.

Students who do not attend the first class meeting after registering for a course may be dropped from the course by the instructor. However, a student will be held personally responsible for officially dropping unwanted courses through the Enrollment Services Office by the deadline to drop courses. (Refer to the section on “Instructor Withdrawal” in this section.) Registration appointments are determined by units completed within class level in the following order: seniors, classified students in master’s and credential programs, juniors, sophomores, freshman, and unclassified postbaccalaureate students.

Adding and Dropping Courses

The class schedule information provides complete information on adding or dropping courses for a particular term. The following regulations govern adding or dropping a course during the term:

  1. CHOICE OF METHOD: Students may add or drop courses via myCSUSTAN.
  2. DEADLINES: Students may add courses until the last day to add, as indicated in the class schedule information. Permission numbers are required on and after the first day of classes. After the Enrollment Census Date, students are responsible for completion of the course(s) in which they are enrolled. Dropping a course is permitted until the Enrollment Census Date.
  3. EXCEPTIONS: When documented extreme circumstances beyond the student’s control, e.g., accident, serious illness, transfer out of the area, hospitalization, etc., make dropping a course or withdrawing from the University necessary, and when continued enrollment would unduly penalize the student, the student may petition for an exemption to the regulation. When a student is permitted by petition or other special action to drop a course after the Enrollment Census Date, the Administrative grade symbol of “W” (withdraw) will be assigned.
  4. REFUNDS: Students who are entitled to a partial refund because of a reduced course load must have officially dropped courses by the published refund deadline.
  5. ENROLLMENT STATUS: Students who drop all of their classes prior to the Enrollment Census Date are not considered enrolled for that term and may be required to reapply for admission to resume enrollment for the following term. (See policy on Admission Reapplication Requirement.) Students who drop all of their classes after the Enrollment Census Date are considered enrolled for that term and are eligible to register as continuing students for the following term. This policy applies to both postbaccalaureate and undergraduate students.
  6. CLASS REGISTRATION CLOSURE POLICY: All classes shall be closed to open registration at 9:59 p.m. the day before classes are scheduled to begin.  The addition of students following the beginning of instruction shall be at the discretion of the instructor by the use of permission numbers, or their equivalent.


With the instructor’s permission, admitted students may register in courses as auditors without credit. Auditors are not authorized in a full course. Enrollment will be permitted only after students otherwise eligible to enroll in the course on a credit basis have had an opportunity to do so. To add a class for audit, a registered student must file a program change form at the Enrollment Services Office. Auditors must pay the same registration fees as other students and may not change their registration to obtain credit after the last day to drop a course. A student registered for credit may not change to audit status after the last day to drop a course. An auditor may participate in class activities or take examinations with the instructor’s consent. Regular class attendance is expected. An audited course will not be posted on the permanent academic record unless the student has formally registered for the course and, in the opinion of the instructor, has attended a substantial number of class meetings.

Course Load Classifications

Audit enrollment does not yield unit load credit for other than fee purposes. Financial aid recipients must enroll at least half-time to qualify for payment from most campus-awarded funds. Payments will be prorated for full-time, three-quarter-time, half-time and in some limited cases less-than-half-time enrollment. Payments to unclassified graduate students and graduate credential candidates will be based on the credit totals defined for undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Full-time and Part-time Students:

All undergraduates are classified as full- or part-time by credit totals:

Classification Fall/Spring/Summer Credits
Full time 12.0 or more
¾ 9.0-11.5
½ 6.0-8.5
Less than 1/2 .5-5.5


  1. During the fall/spring/summer terms these classifications also apply to postbaccalaureate unclassified students, 2nd bachelor’s students, and credential students.
  2. International students enrolled in 12 units are classified as full-time during fall/spring/summer.
  3. Veterans should refer to the section on Veterans status for classification information.
  4. Financial Aid applicants should contact the Financial Aid Office for eligible enrollment level.

Graduate Classification

Postbaccalaureate students enrolled for 4 or more credits of coursework applicable to a graduate program are classified as full-time or part-time according to the unit totals shown below.

Classification Fall/Spring/Summer Credits
Full-time 8.0 or more
¾ 6.0-7.5
½ 4.0-5.5
Less than 1/2 1.0-3.5

Note: International classified graduate students enrolled in 8 units are considered full-time and unclassified graduate students enrolled in 12 units are considered full-time students during fall/spring/summer.

Class Attendance

Regularity in attending classes is assumed. The instructor sets the attendance policies. It is the student’s responsibility to consult the instructor about particular policies regarding missed class sessions and to give the instructor notice prior to any anticipated absence. The supervisors of University-sanctioned activities have an obligation to respect the importance of regular class attendance for successful academic performance and to minimize the number of such absences.  Instructional faculty have an obligation to respect the importance of student participation in University-sanctioned activities and should work to assist students in meeting their academic responsibilities.  The instructor will determine what arrangements, if any, are to be provided for the student to make up class work and will communicate those arrangements to the student.

Instructor Withdrawal

Students who register for a class and do not attend the first class meeting should notify the instructor or the departmental office no later than 24 hours after the first class meeting of their intent to remain in the course.  A student who fails to do so may then be dropped administratively from the class by the instructor.  If a student misses any other class sessions within the first 7 calendar days of the start date without notifying the instructor, the instructor may IW the student.  If a student who registers for an online class fails to log on to the course website within 48 hours of the start date (8am, Pacific Time), the instructor may IW the student.  (Courses are assumed to begin on the start date of the semester, unless other wise specified in the schedule of classes.)

An instructor may also administratively drop a student who does not meet the catalog prerequisites for the class.  These instructor withdrawals are done by the instructor, following established procedures, through the Director of Enrollment Services.  These administrative drops shall be without penalty and must be filed by the instructor with the Director of Enrollment Services no later than the census date.

At the end of the fourth week of instruction there shall be a campus-wide enrollment update; if the instructor fails to administratively drop a student who has not attended class, it is still the student’s responsibility to drop the class through the Enrollment Services Office.


Withdrawal from Stanislaus State


Students must enroll at least part-time for one semester each calendar year to maintain rights to their original catalog year for graduation requirements, as explained in the “Catalog Year for Graduation Requirements” section of this catalog under “Baccalaureate Degree Requirements.”

Withdrawal from a course (or courses) is permitted, without restriction or penalty, prior to the Enrollment Census Date.  No symbol is recorded in such instances.  In connection with all other approved withdrawals, the “W” symbol shall be used.

a.       Undergraduate students may withdraw from no more than 18 semester-units.

b.       The limit applies only to units attempted at Stanislaus State.

c.       Withdrawals after the Enrollment Census Date and prior to the last twenty percent of instruction may be assigned only for serious and compelling reasons.  Permission to withdraw during this time shall be granted only with the approval of the instructor, the department chair, and the college dean.  All requests to withdraw under these circumstances and all approvals shall be documented using a Withdrawal Form with the Enrollment Services Office and such approvals shall be maintained in accordance with campus record retention policy.

d.       Withdrawals shall not be permitted during the final twenty percent of instruction except in cases, such as accident or serious illness, where the cause of withdrawal is due to circumstances clearly beyond the student’s control and the assignment of an Incomplete is not practicable.  Withdrawals of this sort may involve 1) total withdrawal from the campus or 2) may involve only selected courses.  However, a course grade and credit or an Incomplete may be assigned for courses in which sufficient work has been completed to permit an evaluation to be made.  Requests for permission to withdraw under these circumstances shall be handled and filed as indicated in the preceding paragraph, except that such requests must also be approved by the Vice Provost (appointed by the president to act in such matters).  Such withdrawals shall not count against maximums provided for in a. above.

e.        A “W” shall not be used in calculating grade point average or progress points.

Continuous Enrollment Requirement

Students who do not complete at least one course during one semester each calendar year risk the loss of rights to their original catalog year graduation requirements, as explained in the Catalog Year for Graduation Requirements section of this catalog under Baccalaureate Degree Requirements. See the Readmission Requirements section of this catalog.

Leave of Absence

Planned Student Leave for Undergraduates

A Planned Student Leave is an interruption of students’ formal education in which they voluntarily cease their enrollment at Stanislaus State to pursue other educationally related activities to complete or enrich their academic programs or to clarify their educational goals. The intent of this program is to make it possible for students to suspend their academic work, leave the campus, and later resume their studies with a minimum of procedural difficulty. It is not intended for students who only wish to attend another institution.

Planned Student Leave request forms are available from the Enrollment Services Office. Enrollment at another institution of higher education during Planned Student Leave is subject to advance Concurrent Enrollment approval.

  1. Eligibility: Any enrolled student is eligible to request a Planned Student Leave. Newly admitted students who have not yet registered are also eligible; the primary intent in such instances being to provide an opportunity for beginning students to pause between high school or community college and Stanislaus State enrollment.
  2. Requests for Approval:
    1. Each Planned Student Leave request must include a stated intent to re-enroll at Stanislaus State within a specified period, and a plan for how the time is to be used in relation to an educational objective. Acceptable requests will be those for planned travel, national service, study, or other specific plans which will contribute to the student’s educational objectives.
    2. The request must be filed prior to the period of absence and is subject to the approvals of the student’s assigned academic adviser, department chair, and the Enrollment Services Office.
    3. Educational leaves may begin at any time. However, if a student chooses to begin a leave while coursework is in progress, the student is subject to all normal regulations and clearances (e.g., official withdrawal, financial aid termination, etc.).
  3. Duration of Leave: A typical Planned Student Leave will be for one academic year. A student may request, in writing, an extension of leave prior to its termination. Under no circumstances shall successive leaves exceed two calendar years.
  4. Return Responsibilities and Benefits: Students returning from an approved educational leave may be required to submit a new admission application. Readmission is guaranteed providing the readmission application is filed according to the following schedule: fall, November; spring, August; -or 30 days after leave approval, whichever is later. A student will be guaranteed normal registration priority and rights to prior graduation requirements provided leave terms fully are met and proper return procedures are followed.
  5. Compliance: A student on a Planned Student Leave who does not comply with the provisions of this policy and the conditions of the leave is subject to forfeiture of the advantages of this program.

Unavoidable Leave of Absence

Students withdrawing from Stanislaus State who will not be registered for at least one semester each calendar year for reasons beyond their control (e.g., compulsory military duty, medical, pregnancy, etc.) may request a “leave of absence” to protect their right to degree requirements which were fixed at the time of admission to the University. Submission of written verification explaining the reason(s) for non-enrollment is required. Financial reasons for non-enrollment are not an acceptable justification for Leave of Absence approval. This Request for Leave of Absence form is obtained from and filed with the Enrollment Services Office. Granting a “leave of absence” to a student does not guarantee readmission to the University nor exemption from the regular application for readmission procedure, application fees, and filing dates. Students may also protect their rights to a former catalog year for graduation requirements by enrolling at least part-time for one semester each calendar year, as explained in the Catalog Year for Graduation Requirements section of this catalog under Baccalaureate Degree Requirements.


Official transcripts of courses attempted at Stanislaus State are issued only with the written permission of the student concerned. Partial transcripts are not issued. Transcript fees are as follows: $4 for a single copy; $2 for each additional transcript prepared at the same time up to ten copies; $1 for each additional transcript prepared at the same time exceeding ten copies. A verification of enrollment fee is $5. A priority transcript or enrollment verification request fee is $10. Transcripts from other institutions which have been presented for admission or evaluation become a part of the student’s permanent academic file. Students desiring transcripts covering work attempted elsewhere should request them from the institutions concerned. Students should allow 7-10 working days for transcript processing. Students may obtain copies of their Stanislaus State course history by logging on to their account online and accessing their information at www.csustan.edu.



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