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2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Spanish - Subject Matter Preparation Program

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Those interested in completing the subject matter preparation program in Spanish should obtain the up-to-date description of the program currently available on the Modern Languages website. In the Subject Matter Preparation Program (SMPP) in Spanish, students will complete the following objectives to help them success as Spanish teachers at the secondary level:

  • Proficiency in listening and reading (receptive skills) at an “Advanced” level commensurate with the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.
  • Proficiency in speaking and writing (productive skills) at an “Advanced” level commensurate with the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines. 
  • An understanding of the linguistic components of the target language (i.e., language analysis). 
  • Fundamental knowledge pertaining to the cultural institutions, patterns of behavior, history and geography of the target culture(s) and how these affect values and traditions. 
  • The ability to adapt both “linguistically and culturally” to different settings associated with the target language. 
  • Respect, understanding and sensitivity for the cultural traits, values, perspectives and contributions of the language’s native speakers. 
  • The ability to understand and critically interpret a variety of works of literature in their specific cultural and historic context. 
  • A general knowledge of the nature of language in general, its acquisition, and its use in human interaction. 
  • A grasp of a gamut of effective strategies, activities and materials for teaching and learning a second language. 

The waiver program is designed for students who wish to enter credential programs to physical education in secondary schools. The SMPP in Spanish is approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and fulfills subject matter competency prerequisite for entrance into a credential program for a single subject teaching credential in art. Please refer to the Teacher Education  section of this catalog for a description of other requirements to be completed in obtaining a single subject credential. 

Please note that this is an optional waiver program and not a degree program, concentration, track, or emphasis.


Students must complete the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements  and the requirements for a baccalaureate degree, in addition to the following means for students to verify competency in the above-mentioned areas and thereby become eligible to enter the Credential Program, established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing:

Option One - CSET Spanish Exam

Pass the three subtests below of the CSET Spanish Exam. It is recommended not to take the three subtests at the same time. It is suggested to take a maximum of two (2) exams on initial exam date and one (1) on subsequent exam date.

  • Subtest I.  General linguistics, linguistics of the target language.
  • Subtest II.  Literary and cultural texts and traditions, cultural analysis and comparisons.
  • Subtest III. Language and Communication:
    • Listening comprehension
    • Reading comprehension
    • Written expression
    • Oral expression

Information pertaining to these exams can be obtained from the Stanislaus State Testing Office. They are administered at least four times per year and require a fee.

Option Two - Subject Matter Preparation Program in Spanish

(33 units)

Complete the Subject Matter Preparation Program in Spanish. 

1. Demonstrate advanced competency in each of the following skills:

Listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. (It is the responsibility of each student to meet periodically with his/her academic advisor and teachers to assess progress toward these standards.  Teachers are encouraged to provide written evaluation on all writing assignments.  Students are invited to schedule an appointment with the program advisor during the junior year in order to make the graduation check.  At such a time, said advisor can conduct a programmatic assessment.


2. Meet with a three-member committee composed of departmental faculty in order to demonstrate competency and suitability for the credential program. 

Criteria include:

  1. Completion of at least 80% of the Subject Matter Competency Program.
  2. Overall GPA in Spanish of 2.75 or greater.
  3. Minimal Spanish grades of a “C”.
  4. Senior Research Paper with a least a grade of “C” (including comments from the instructor who graded it.)
  5. Portfolio of representative academic work.
  6. Personal interview with the committee in order to evaluate the student’s language competency, cultural understanding, ability to work well with individuals from diverse backgrounds, knowledge of key language and pedagogical principles, literary competency, and written recommendations from Spanish professors (to include ratings of the candidate’s fundamental language and cultural proficiencies).

3. Complete the following courses:

A. Language Proficiency Component

(9 units)

C. Literature and Literary Aspects of Culture Component

(6 units)

Choose one course from Group 1 and one course from Group 2.

D. Civilization and Culture Component

(3 units)

E. Choose any two additional courses

(6 units)*


Students who have completed at least 80% of the Subject Matter Program in Spanish may be admitted to the Single-Subject Credential Program, but must complete coursework and demonstrate competency in the manner outlined above before receiving their credential.  Since the teacher preparation program is demanding in itself, the Department of Philosophy and Modern Languages advises against this option.

A key required course in the Subject Matter Competency Program in Spanish is  SPAN 4810 - Linguistics and Language Instruction (WP)  (3 units). This course is also a WP, or writing proficiency course. 

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