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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Baccalaureate Degree Requirements Advising Sheet

Leadership Studies B.S.

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Nancy Burroughs, Ed.D., Director

The Leadership Studies B.S. degree program is drawn from various departments. Courses in Communication Studies, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Management, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, and new courses in Leadership Studies can prepare students for leadership roles and positions in multiple fields.

Office: Demergasso-Bava Hall - DBH 128
Phone: (209) 667-3271

The Leadership Studies program combines a unique interdisciplinary relational leadership approach to the preparation for leadership with a strong understanding of organizational and interpersonal dynamics from a multicultural approach. The program offers an opportunity for students to enhance their understanding and practice of leadership by exploration and application of leadership skills and research with diverse groups, organizations, and communities through a variety of experiential learning activities. Students are encouraged to tailor their leadership interests to their professional goals by making choices and taking charge of their own learning to serve and lead in order to critically and creatively solve current and future challenges. A degree in Leadership Studies may lead to advanced study in a number of programs, such as the Master of Public Administration, the Master of Social Work, the Master of Business Administration, and other disciplinary-specific graduate programs.

Students are urged to check the prerequisites of each course in the program. Course prerequisites assist students in selecting their coursework. Those without the formal prerequisites who feel they may be qualified for other reasons must contact the course instructor to determine if they are eligible to enroll.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students in the Leadership Studies program will learn the following:

  • Leadership Theories and Research. Students will identify, research, and analyze leadership frameworks using a theory-into-practice interdisciplinary-based approach to make effective data-inferenced decisions and function as agents of change in diverse work environments.

  • Leadership Development. Students will integrate and articulate diverse perspectives as they become aware of and develop their own personal leadership toward supporting inclusive workplace and collaborative conflict resolution practices.
  • Leadership Communication. Students will demonstrate professional-oriented communication knowledge and skills to communicate ethically, confidently, and effectively with individuals and groups representing diverse interests and populations to promote effective leadership practices.
  • Organizational Dynamics. Students will diagnose and evaluate complex organizational situations and social effectiveness through critical, reflective, and analytical tools to analyze systematic problems and opportunities in an effort to strengthen personal and organizational development.


1. Complete the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements.

A student must comply with all University regulations and satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Units and Residency  (minimum of 120 units: 40 units of upper division coursework and 30 semester units at Stanislaus State. At least 24 of these 30 units must be earned in upper-division courses, at least 12 must be in the major, and at least 9 must be applicable to General Education-Breadth requirements)
  2. Grade Point Average  (minimum grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better)
  3. General Education  (minimum of 49 units)
  4. Upper Division Writing Proficiency  (minimum of 3 units)
    - Writing Proficiency (WP) Course (may double count in the major)
  5. United States Constitution and California State and Local Government  (minimum of 3 units)
  6. Multicultural Requirement  (minimum of 3 units) (may double count with General Education requirements or in the major)

Subsequently all students must submit an application for graduation and receive approval from the major advisor, department chair, and Director of Academic Advising. For more information see the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements .

2. Complete the following prerequisite to the major:

3. Complete the major.*

36 upper-division units, as approved by the major advisor with a letter grade of C- or better in all courses that count toward fulfilling the requirements for the major. Of these, no more than 8 units of CR-graded coursework in courses exclusively graded CR/NC may apply toward the major.

4. Completion of a minor is encouraged but is not required.

*Credit for Approved Coursework

Up to 10 semester units of credit may be granted or approved toward the major for otherwise nontransferable coursework applicable to a technical or vocational degree or certificate, but not to exceed 70 units of transferrable work from a community college. Must be approved by Program Director.

The Major

(36 units minimum)

8. Leadership in Action Capstone

(2 units)

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