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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

General Education Summit Program

Dr. Stuart Wooley, Faculty Director of General Education
Phone: (209) 667-3779

The Summit Program

Students have the option of joining the Summit Program as an alternative way to fulfill 6 of their 9 units of Upper-Division General Education requirements (UD-B and UD-C) and the Multicultural Requirement.

The features of the Summit Program

  • A cluster includes 2 courses that have been linked to an engaging topic. Faculty members will integrate the courses so that what students learn in one course will become the foundation to the learning in the next course.
  • Students will take the courses in the cluster with the same classmates enabling them to get to know each other and interact in class discussions and group projects.
  • The faculty members in the cluster may be interacting with students during both cluster courses, enabling students to develop a personal relationship with their instructors.
  • During the first class meeting of the cluster, students will complete a learning contract that summarizes information about the program.
  • Enrolling in the Summit Program can begin in the term in which a student attains upper-division status (completion of 60 semester units).
  • Any student may enroll, regardless of his/her major, and have the cluster fulfill the Upper Division GE requirement in the areas indicated.
  • Summit courses used to meet the Upper-Division General Education requirement cannot be electives for a major or concentration; they may, however, be used as electives in a minor.

Enrollment and Credit towards the General Education Requirement:

  • Each semester students enroll via web registration for the appropriate cluster course.
  • Students must successfully complete all courses in the cluster to have these courses fulfill 6 of the 9 units of Upper-Division GE requirements.

Select a cluster:

War & Peace (fulfills Areas UD-B, UD-C, and Multicultural Requirement)

These classes will examine issues of global conflict in the post-WWII era, focusing on the Cold War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War through film, literature, and technology.


*Courses designated with an asterisk fulfill the Multicultural Requirement.