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2020-2021 Academic Catalog 
2020-2021 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Baccalaureate Degree Requirements Advising Sheet

Communication Studies B.A.*

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View the degree program Roadmap, which provide recommended advising maps to complete the degree program. Please consult your academic advisor as you develop your academic plan.

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Program Learning Outcomes

Students are expected to achieve the following competencies:

  1. Oral Communication: Present oral messages using appropriate modalities and technologies for the audience, purpose, and context to accomplish communication goals
  2. Writing: Construct written messages using appropriate modalities for the audience, purpose, and context to accomplish communication goals
  3. Critical Thinking: Demonstrate to ability to think critically through the analysis of mediated and non-mediated messages
  4. Research: Demonstrate the ability to read, comprehend, apply, synthesize and evaluate research in communication 
  5. Values: Demonstrate the ability to apply ethical frameworks in a variety of contexts in a multicultural and globalized society


1. Complete the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements.

A student must comply with all University regulations and satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Units and Residency  (minimum of 120 units: 40 units of upper division coursework and 30 semester units at Stanislaus State. At least 24 of these 30 units must be earned in upper-division courses, at least 12 must be in the major, and at least 9 must be applicable to General Education-Breadth requirements)
  2. Grade Point Average  (minimum grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better)
  3. General Education  (minimum of 49 units)
  4. Upper Division Writing Proficiency  (minimum of 3 units)
    - Writing Proficiency (WP) Course (may double count in the major)
  5. United States Constitution and California State and Local Government  (minimum of 3 units)
  6. Multicultural Requirement  (minimum of 3 units) (may double count with General Education requirements or in the major)

Subsequently all students must submit an application for graduation and receive approval from the major advisor, department chair, and Director of Academic Advising. For more information see the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements .

2. Complete the following prerequisites to the major:

(6-9 units)

a. Complete G. E. Area A1 by taking:

b. Complete G. E. Area D2 by taking:

c. For those choosing the Public Communications and Media track, the following course is required:

*Note: Students in the Public Communication and Media Track are encouraged to complete COMM 2200 - Introduction to Mass Media.

3. The following are department recommendations for completing lower-division G.E. requirements:

a. Complete Area A3 by taking:

4. Complete the major with no fewer than 33 upper-division units, as approved by the major adviser.

Majors must take all courses counted toward the major for a letter grade if the letter grade option is available.

5. Students must achieve a C- grade or better in all prerequisites to the major.

6. Students must achieve a C- grade or better in all courses that count toward fulfilling the requirements for the major.

7. Students must achieve an overall average of 2.0 GPA or better in the major.

8. Completion of a minor is not required.

9. Laboratory and Internship Courses

 The following laboratory and internship courses may not be applied to the major:

Laboratory and internship units, with a maximum of 9 total combined units, may count toward the 120 units required for graduation.

The Major

(33 units minimum)**

Students are reminded to check course descriptions carefully when selecting upper-division courses; enrollment may require completion of one or more prerequisites.

2. Complete two of the following upper-division BREADTH courses.

(6 units)

Include at least 3 units from group a and 3 units from group b below.

a. Complete 3 units OUTSIDE YOUR TRACK from the following courses:

i. Relational and Organizational Communication Track students, select one:

ii. Public Communication and Media Track students, select one:

b. Complete 3 units of upper-division COMM or JOUR Elective course taken outside of the Major track.

See your advisor for approval of this course. Laboratory and Internship courses may not be applied in the major; however, these courses may count toward the 120 units required for graduation.

3. Complete one of the following upper-division DEPTH TRACKS in Communication Studies:

(15 units)

  1. Relational and Organizational Communication
  2. Public Communication and Media

Depth Track in Communication Studies

(15 units)

A. Relational and Organizational Communication Track

(15 units)

B. Public Communication and Media Track

(15 units)

**Courses may not cross-count for more than one requirement in the Major. No course substitutions.

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