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2007-2008 Graduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

History M.A.

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Course Requirements

1. All graduate students with conditionally classified status must take the following course in their first fall semester.

2. All students must take courses to gain a minimum of eleven additional units at the 5000 level.

The applicable courses are:

3. All students must complete additional coursework at the 4000 level.

With extra work as specified by the instructor, to complete the 30-unit master’s degree requirement. The only 4000-level classes not appropriate for graduate students are HIST 4000, 4960, and 4980.

4. For the International Relations concentration only:

Any of the following courses are pre-approved by the Graduate Committee:

  • ECON 4050 Comparative Economic Systems, 3 units
  • ECON 4415 International Economics, 3 units
  • GEOG 3550 Geography of Europe, 3 units
  • GEOG 3570 Geography of Russia and East Europe, 3 units
  • GEOG 4210 Geographic Problems in the Developing World, 3 units
  • HIST 4041 Colonialism and the Modern State in Africa and Asia, 3 units
  • HIST 4340 Modern Germany, 3 units
  • HIST 4430 Twentieth-Century Russia, 3 units
  • HIST 4510 The United States and Latin America, 3 units
  • HIST 4600 United States Diplomatic History, 3 units
  • HIST 4800 Modern China, 3 units
  • HIST 4840 Modern Japan, 3 units
  • HIST 4950 Selected Topics in History (when an international relations topic is taught), 1-5 units


5. Other courses may be considered for all concentrations in consultation with the Graduate Committee.

Prior approval required.

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