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2007-2008 Graduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Single Subject Credential (SSCP)

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Karen Breshears, M.A., and Robin Hennings, M.A., Coordinators

Professional Programs

The Single Subject Credential programs are field-centered and performance-based. They integrate theory and practice by providing ongoing experiences within public school settings which focus on the attainment of the knowledge and skills characteristic of effective teaching. Students are at a center daily for the field experiences and the coursework for the entire academic year in which they are in the program. The program admits students for both fall and spring semesters.

Candidates may apply for an internship in place of traditional student teaching. Interns have a contract with a school district and teach a minimum of three periods a day with a maximum of full-time teaching. Candidates fluent in Spanish may earn a Bilingual Crosscultural Academic and Language Development (BCLAD) Certificate.

Admission Requirements

Admission and program requirements change frequently. Therefore, for current and up-to-date information and/or an SSCP application packet, please do the following:

  • Attend an information session (call 209/667-3357) and
  • Visit the SSCP Web site at www.csustan.edu
  1. Obtain an application packet for admission to the Single Subject Credential Program (SSCP) by attending an information session. Call (209) 667-3357. The application folder must be completed and submitted early in the semester preceding admission to the program. See application packet for specific date and directions.
  2. Minimal grade point average requirements for admission are explained in the SSCP application packet. A 3.0 grade point average, with no grade lower than C, must be maintained in credential program courses.
  3. Students must be admitted to the Graduate School as unclassified postbaccalaureate students.
  4. Students must submit a Certificate of Clearance when they apply for the program. Copies of the form for “Livescan” are available from the Department of Teacher Education. “Character and Identification Clearance” is an online process you must access online at www.csustan.edu/TeacherEd.
  5. The student is admitted to the program for a specific initial enrollment term. A written request for a leave of absence is required to postpone entry. Such a request should be directed to the SSCP Selection and Review Committee for approval. Failure to obtain a leave of absence will result in the student’s withdrawal from the program.
  6. Courses which are more than five years old generally will not be accepted to fill professional program requirements.
  7. Students must take the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) before being admitted to the program.

Academic Requirements for Admission

1. Before starting the program, students must complete one of the following:

A Subject Matter Preparation Program in their teaching area or earn a passing score on a California Subjects Exam for Teachers (CSET). Subject Matter Preparation Program advisement is available from the programs in art, biology, English, mathematics, music, physical education, social sciences, and Spanish. The university does not currently offer Subject Matter Preparation Programs in agriculture, business, chemistry, geology, health, home economics, industrial arts, physics, or languages other than Spanish. Students who have completed approved Subject Matter Preparation Programs elsewhere or passed the CCTC-approved examinations in these subjects may apply to the credential program.

2. Complete:

An Upper Division Writing course (listed as WP in the Undergraduate catalog) or pass an equivalent test, or a verified score of 41 or better on the writing portion of CBEST.

3. Complete to qualify for a teaching credential.

PSCI 1201 American Government or an equivalent course which fulfills the U. S. Constitution requirement

4. Complete the following pre-program courses and experiences:

a. 45 hours of documented observation in public secondary classes


  • PSYC 3240

d. Language experience (may be met by experience or units)

(See SSCP Overview for list of experiences)

e. Technology proficiency

(see SSCP application for details)

5. Students wanting to earn a Bilingual Crosscultural Academic and Language Development (BCLAD) Certificate must complete two additional requirements:

a. A course on the target culture

(See SSCP Overview for course list)

b. The Spanish language proficiency examination:

The Spanish language proficiency examination must be passed prior to admission at level 2 and at level 3 by completion of the program. Information on the Spanish language proficiency examination is available from the Department of Teacher Education.

6. Candidates for the intern program must meet the following additional requirements besides those for admission to the program:

The internship program permits candidates to obtain employment in collaborating school districts while completing the requirements for the Preliminary Credential.

a. A B.A., B.S. or B.M. degree.

b. Pass CBEST

c. Completion of an approved subject matter preparation program or pass the CSET exam.

d. Hiring by a school district that is an intern partner with CSU Stanislaus.

g. Acceptance into the SSCP Intern Program.

h. Application for an intern credential.

Professional Program Requirements Spanish Bilingual Authorization

Students take the same courses listed in the Professional Program Requirements except EDSC 4215 Reading and Writing Instruction in the Secondary Content Area (BCLAD) (5 units) is taken in place of EDSC 4115. In addition students must pass:

  • A Spanish language proficiency examination with a score of FSI Level 3 which measures reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Spanish.
  • One course on the target culture from the following list:
    • ETHS 2100 Contemporary Chicano Studies
    • ETHS 4000 Mexican American Family
    • HIST 4500 History of Mexico
    • HIST 4510 The United States and Latin America
    • HIST 4710 Mexican American History

Note: Students in either the traditional student teaching program or the intern program may opt for the Spanish Bilingual Authorization.

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