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2007-2008 Graduate Catalog 
2007-2008 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Educational Technology Concentration

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This graduate-level area of emphasis is designed for teachers and other education professionals interested in an advanced study of educational technology. A Preliminary Teaching Credential is a prerequisite for entry into the program; this may be waived for persons teaching at the community college level or those in other instructional settings, with the approval of the program coordinator.

Several of the EDIT courses are offered either via distance learning or online. More information about offerings is available at www.csustan.edu or by contacting the program coordinator.

Master of Arts in Education

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to the M.A. program, the applicant must:

  1. Possess a baccalaureate degree.
  2. Obtain a total score of at least 100 using the formula grade point average (GPA) X 20 + Miller Analogies Test (MAT) converted score. GPA is calculated using the last 60 units of college/university coursework.
  3. Possess an appropriate valid basic teaching/service credential if applying for study in the area of School Administration or Educational Technology. School Counseling emphasis requires appropriate experience with youth. Special Education requires a valid Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential.

Application Classifications

The student applying for the M.A. program may be placed in one of four classifications:

  1. Postbaccalaureate Standing: Unclassified — permits one to enroll in classes only as specified by program.

    To be admitted, the applicant must:
    1. Complete the University Admission form.
    2. Meet CSU Stanislaus admission requirements.
  2. Graduate Standing: Provisionally Classified — permits one to enroll in classes to fulfill program prerequisites; valid for either one semester or one year as indicated by the admission letter.

    To be admitted, the applicant must:
    1. Complete the University Admission form.
    2. Meet CSU Stanislaus admission requirements.
  3. Graduate Standing: Conditionally Classified — status must change to “Classified” within one calendar year.

    To be admitted, the applicant must:
    1. Complete the University Admission form.
    2. Meet CSU Stanislaus admission requirements.
    3. Submit proof of a score of 41 or higher on the CBEST writing section.
    4. Show evidence of a valid teaching or service credential.
    5. Obtain 3.0 a GPA in the last 60 units of coursework completed.
  4. Graduate Standing: Classified — Admission to the M.A. program is granted.

    To move to Graduate Standing: Classified, the applicant must:
    1. Submit all of the documents listed under Conditionally Classified status.
    2. Submit letters of recommendation. (Check with the specific program coordinator for the exact number required.)
    3. Submit Miller Analogies Test score. GRE is also acceptable for Educational Technology.
    4. Meet any other additional requirements as specified in each M.A. area.
    5. Have program file evaluated by the program coordinator. (This will be done automatically after submission of documents; notification of admission status from the area coordinator will follow.)

General Information

  1. Coursework Requirements — No more than nine semester units of coursework completed in Postbaccalaureate Standing: Unclassified may be applied to a master’s degree. The total number of units, as well as specific courses required, varies with each area of emphasis for the M.A. in Education. (See the specific area coordinator for requirements.)
  2. Graduate Requirements — The minimum academic grade point average for earning the M.A. degree is 3.0. The minimum acceptable grade for courses included in the M.A. program is a C. In the School Administration Program, a student earning a grade of C is considered to be on probation; on earning a second C, the candidate will be disqualified.
  3. Final Requirements — The M.A. in Education degree requires the successful completion of all coursework, approval of a written project or thesis, and passing of an oral examination. After all requirements have been met, the student will be awarded the degree.
  4. Class Scheduling — Courses are scheduled in the late afternoon and evening to enable employed individuals to enroll in classes.

    Note: Early registration is strongly recommended. Limits are placed on class size; consequently, enrollment is not guaranteed.


See Course Description for EDGS 7005 for required Project/Thesis continued enrollment.

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