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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Social Sciences B.A.

The Social Sciences B.A. is offered by the Department of Economics, Agricultural Studies, and Social Sciences. Click here  to view the department information, including Student Learning Objectives.

Office: Bizzini Hall 102A
Phone: (209) 667-3037

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

The Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences program is an interdepartmental degree program consisting of courses in the following disciplines: anthropology, communication studies, criminal justice, economics, ethnic studies, gender studies, geography, history, political science, psychology, and sociology. Students select courses from any three of the above disciplines. The program offers a wide variety of courses dealing with human interaction in past and present society and acquaints students with contemporary social problems, their causes, and their potential solutions.

Additionally, a course in the methods of scientific investigation in the social sciences provides students with valuable analytical skills. Students should discuss career opportunities with their adviser in their areas of concentration in the Social Sciences major.

Students intending to apply for admission to the Social Sciences single subject credential program at Stanislaus State should also see the Social Sciences Subject Matter Preparation Program.  


  1. Complete University General Education requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree (51 units minimum).
  2. Complete the Interdepartmental Studies major, as approved by the adviser. Of these, no more than 8 units of CR-graded coursework in courses graded exclusively CR/NC may apply.
  3. Completion of a minor is not required.

Note: Immediately upon entering this interdepartmental degree program, students should select the three disciplines that will form their major.

The Major

(38 units minimum)

3. Select three of the disciplines listed below:

Completing the prerequisite courses for each. Then complete a minimum of 12 upper-division units in the first of the three disciplines and a minimum of 9 upper-division units in each of the two other disciplines, as approved by the adviser.


b. Select any 9-12 upper-division units, with advisor’s consent:

(Note any additional required prerequisites)

Communication Studies

Criminal Justice

b. Select any 9 to 12 upper division units in Criminal Justice, with adviser’s consent.


Ethnic Studies

Gender Studies

b. Required core course:



Political Science

b. Complete 9 to 12 units as follows:

ii. Additional one or two courses to be selected from:


c. A primary concentration in Psychology requires 12 units (3 units from each of the following areas):

The final 3 units could be from any area including PSYC 4930 - Psychology Colloquium  and courses in careers in psychology:

  • Psychology as a Natural Science
  • Psychology as a Social Science
  • Psychology as an Applied Science

A secondary concentration in Psychology Requires 9 units composed of 3 units from Natural Science, Social Science, and Applied Science.


Available Concentrations:

The following concentrations are available within the Social Sciences B.A. program: