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2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Business Administration B.S.

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This degree provides preparation for careers in a wide range of business administration and business-related fields, along with:

  • a broad, liberal education,
  • a basic understanding of the operation of a business enterprise,
  • an understanding of the environment in which business exists and of which it is a part,
  • proficiency in analyzing, evaluating, and synthesizing managerial decisions, and
  • a degree of specialized training in a selected area.

The business administration degree program has four principal components:

  • prerequisites to the degree,
  • English proficiency requirement,
  • the business administration core, and
  • the concentration requirements.

The prerequisites, which overlap the general education program, provide the foundation upon which the degree is later constructed. Students should schedule these courses during their freshman and sophomore years. The English proficiency requirement is important for all business courses and should be completed in the junior year.

The Business Administration core is a closely coordinated sequence of courses which introduces students to the broad field of business administration, develops knowledge of the organizational and management concepts which underlie the operation of all business enterprises, and develops effective ways of thinking about complex situations encountered in business administration. Except for the integrating course in business policy, which must be taken as the last course in the business administration core, students should schedule most courses in the core in their junior year.

The area of concentration provides the opportunity for specialized study in a selected area of interest.

Learning Goals and Objectives, B.S. Business Administration core courses

Students enrolled in the College of Business Administration will be able to:

  1. Our students will have a basic understanding of the business discipline.
    • Students will demonstrate a basic understanding of the body of knowledge common to the following business-related disciplines: accounting, business law, economics, finance, information systems, management, marketing, operations management, quantitative analysis, and statistics.
  2. Our students will communicate clearly and effectively.
    • Students will prepare a professional quality business document.
    • Students will deliver a professional oral presentation on a business issue.
  3. Our students will be effective problem solvers.
    • Students will formualte and implement a strategy to answer an open-ended business-related question, or design and evaluate a strategy to achieve a desired business-related goal.
  4. Our students will demonstrate ethical decision making.
    • Students will identify the major ethical issues and stakeholders in a business-related ethical problem and formulate a reasonable solution to appropriately resolve the problem.


1. Complete University General Education requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree.

(51 units minimum)

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2. Satisfy the requirement for proficiency in writing.

View “Baccalaureate Degree Requirements “ for information on the Writing Proficiency requirement.

3. Complete the degree requirements, including:

  1. the prerequisites with a letter grade of C– or better;
  2. the business administration core with a letter grade of C– or better; and
  3. the cousework in an area of concentration.

4. At least 50% of the upper-division Business Administration units required for the degree should be earned at CSU Stanislaus.

This requirement exceeds the University-wide requirement described elsewhere in this catalog.

5. 3000- and 4000- level business courses may not be taken until the student has achieved junior level standing.


Students planning to receive a degree in business administration should emphasize general education during the first two years, thus laying a foundation upon which the program can be built. In addition, the specified prerequisites to the degree should be completed.

Course Prerequisites

Most courses within the College of Business Administration have specific subject matter prerequisites that must be completed to qualify for enrollment. Lacking such prerequisites, students who can offer convincing evidence of having acquired the necessary background by other means may petition the professor in charge of the course for permission to enroll. At the discretion of the College, a qualifying examination may be required.

The Major

(53 units)