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2015-2016 Academic Catalog 
2015-2016 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Bilingual/Crosscultural: Southeast Asian Concentration - Liberal Studies

This is a concentration within the Bachelor of Arts program in Liberal Studies.  Please view the information for the Department of Liberal Studies  in conjunction with this concentration information.

The Bilingual/Crosscultural track provides the academic prerequisite for students who are planning to pursue Bilingual/Crosscultural credentials to teach in elementary schools. It is also designed to give graduates the language teaching skills and cultural background to teach English Language Learning (ELL) students.

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(21-22 units)

1. Satisfactory completion of Hmong language coursework through HMNG 3020.

Students may begin the language courses at whatever level is appropriate. At this time, only Hmong languages through HMNG 3020 are available. When other Southeast Asian language courses are offered, they will become a part of the Southeast Asian Emphasis curriculum. Students are required to pass one of the Southeast Asian Language Proficiency Exams (Hmong, Lao, or Cambodian). The test can be taken prior to or upon admittance to the credential program. Students who do not need Hmong coursework to prepare for the BCLAD language test requirement may wish to enroll in Ethnic Studies or TESOL (concentrations without an extensive language component).

2. Cultural Component

3. Social Inquiry Course

4. Crosscultural Component

5. Electives