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2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Computer Science B.S.

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1. Complete University General Education requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree.

(51 units minimum)

Click here to view General Education requirements. 

2. Complete the prerequisites to the major.

No more than 8 units of CR-graded coursework may apply toward the prerequisites to the major.

3. Complete the major of not less than 34 upper-division units.

4. Complete PHIL 4401 Professional Ethics, 3 units


5. Satisfy the Departmental Writing Proficiency requirement.

View “Baccalaureate Degree Requirements ” for information on the Writing Proficiency requirement.

Departmental Writing Proficiency Requirement

  1. Pass the university-wide Writing Proficiency Screening Test
    (or have the equivalent transferred from another campus), and
  2. Pass a Computer Science course with a WP designation, or obtain certification from the departmental WP coordinator.


No upper-division course which applies to the major or to the electives may be taken on a CR-graded basis except CS 4910 (Cooperative Education), CS 4940 (Practicum in Computer Science), and CS 4960 (Seminar in Computer Science). Prerequisites to the major should be completed before upper-division computer science courses are taken. Completion of a minor is not required.

The Major

(34 units)