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2010-2011 Academic Catalog 
2010-2011 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Applied Philosophy Concentration - Liberal Studies

This is a concentration within the Bachelor of Arts program in Liberal Studies.  Please view the information for the Department of Liberal Studies  in conjunction with this concentration information.

This program is designed for Liberal Studies students who want to encourage critical thinking and philosophical inquiry in the elementary school classroom. Students in this concentration learn to apply philosophical inquiry to the study and analysis of philosophical texts and arguments. Students in this concentration also develop skills of ethical analysis and value inquiry, and learn to apply physiological thinking and humanistic inquiry to socially relevant issues concerning “self” and “context” with special emphasis on aspects relevant to the elementary classroom.

Most importantly, “applied philosophy” students are encouraged to learn effective ways of bringing philosophical curiosity and critical thinking to life in elementary classroom setting. Students in our program also learn how to develop methods of philosophical inquiry tailored to the receptive capacities of their audience. The skills, knowledge, and practices of applied philosophical inquiry help to enrich the teaching and learning environment of elementary school classrooms.

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(21 units)

1. Complete 15 upper-division units in Philosophy and at least 21 units total from the categories listed below.

Note: Only 9 of these units can be used to fulfill Liberal Studies BA or lower-division General Education breadth requirements.

Choose one course from each of the following two clusters:

(6 units)

Choose the remaining courses from the following two clusters:

(15 units)

Note: At least two of these courses must satisfy the LIBS “Integrative Inquiry” requirement for Liberal Studies majors. LIBS options include: PHIL 3700, 3750, 3850, 4420, or 4800.