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2017-2018 Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Interdisciplinary Programs

The programs described in this section are designed by California State University, Stanislaus to provide students with a unique course of study that incorporates traditional disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives. Whether through general education, a special baccalaureate major, or a custom-designed interdisciplinary master’s degree, these programs approach the pursuit of learning in creative and alternative ways. The interdisciplinary programs also are designed with a living-learning community element that fosters students’ intellectual, personal, and professional growth.

Multidisciplinary Studies

Office: Demergasso-Bava Hall (DBH) 260
Phone: (209) 667-3531

The University offers multidisciplinary courses outside the departmental and school structure. These courses are given the MDIS prefix.

Special Major

Strongly motivated students may design a special BA/BS interdisciplinary academic program leading to a degree not offered through existing programs. Students interested in a Special Major should seek a volunteer faculty advisory committee consisting of three professors from at least two disciplines. A program designed jointly with this faculty committee is then submitted for approval on a Request for Special Major Program form.

A Special Major program must comply with the standard graduation requirements listed under Baccalaureate Degree Requirements.The program must consist of at least 30 upper-division semester units in the major, of which 18 upper-division semester units must be completed after approval of the BA/BS Special Major by the Special Major Coordinator. Each college dean is responsible for supporting the Special Major program as the Special Major Coordinator. The student will be assigned to the college that houses the department of the lead faculty member.

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Interdisciplinary Studies M.A./M.S.

Peggy Hauselt, Ph.D., Program Director

Office: Mary Stuart Rogers Educational Services Gateway Building 160
Phone: (209) 667-3129

The MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies program at Stanislaus State is an innovative program intended for students whose interests and needs do not fit within traditional master’s degree programs. Each Interdisciplinary Studies student custom-designs a course of study, combining two or more disciplines into a program with a distinct, coherent theme. The program is designed for exceptional, individual cases and provides an opportunity for self-directed learning and an educational experience specifically relevant to a student’s unique needs.

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Program Learning Outcomes

A student in the Interdisciplinary Studies program is expected to demonstrate:

Competence in Interdisciplinary Studies

1. Advance knowledge of the disciplinary knowledge, skills and values of their interdisciplinary study, the relationships amoung these disciplinary courses, and the ways in which these disciplinary perspectives are integrated and transformed through interdisciplinary studies.

2. Ability to analyze complex issues, draw reasoned conclusions, and evaluate effectiveness of proposed solutions to problems.

3. Understanding of global perspectives appropriate to the disciplines.


4. Ability to write effectively in a variety of written and quantitative formats appropriate to the disciplines and the differing audiences and contexts.

5. Ability to express ideas orally, with attention to audience and effectiveness of delivery.

6. Advanced oral and written communication skills, complemented by ability to access and analyze information from a myriad of primary, print, and technological sources.

Research and Scholarship

7. Advanced knowledge of research and scholarship appropriate to the interdisciplinary study.

8. Ability to work as individual researchers/scholars as well as in collaboration with others in contributing to the scholarship of interdisciplinary studies.