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2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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AGST 3900 - Integrated Pest Management

4 unit(s)
Introduction to the theory, principles, and practice of integrated pest management systems in major agronomic and horticultural crops.  Analysis of ecological patterns and mechanisms of agro-ecosystems with emphasis on biodiversity linkages between plant, weeds, pests, and diseases.  Course will include:  identification and symptoms of plant pest;  intraguild predation;  modes of pesticide action;  pesticide resistance;  plant induced resistance mechanisms; effective and safe use of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and other crop protection chemicals.

Prerequisites: BIOL 1050, BIOL 1150, and ENTO 3000; or consent of instructor.

Hours: Lecture, 3 hours; activity, 1 hour

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