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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Roadmap: B.S. in Business Administration, Marketing Concentration for Stockton Transfers


Marketing focuses on creating value in the exchange relationship between the firm and the markets it serves. As such, marketing plays a pivotal role in connecting customers and stakeholders to a business and in building long-term relationships with these individuals or groups. Accordingly, marketers plan, implement, and control specific strategies and tactics that will meet their customers’ ongoing needs and wants. That is, marketing matches the chosen customer or group with the right product, at the right price, at the right time and place, and with the right communications. Fundamentally, marketers must be able to see and understand the world from their customers’ perspective. This requires specific marketing activities including the measurement and interpretation of market forces, cultivation of market opportunities, development of products and/or services to match those opportunities, marketing communications, advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, sales management, direct marketing, and e-marketing. Marketing also requires conscious choice regarding social responsibility and corporate ethics. Marketing provides exciting career opportunities for personal growth, creativity, variety, and income in the dynamic and ever-changing business environment. The “American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries” ranks the median income of marketers among the top 10 in a list of 125 professions. Professional careers in marketing are to be found in the marketing departments of industrial firms and merchandising firms. In addition, there is demand for marketing professionals in specialized organizations such as advertising agencies, marketing research agencies, service firms, transportation and distribution companies, global companies, not-for-profit organizations, and Internet companies. As an academic and scientific field, marketing also provides the opportunity for advanced degrees such as master’s and Ph.D.

*This roadmap provides a recommended advising plan to complete a degree in 2-years assuming the following have been completed: 1) U.S. Constitution & CA State and Local Government 2) Lower Division General Education 3) Major Prerequisites, with the exception of BUS 2090 (no equivalency).

*If Lower Division General Education and/or Major Prerequisite courses have not been completed prior to transfer, additional classes and/or semesters may be required outside of the 2-year roadmap. Elective units may be needed to meet the required 120 semester units for a Baccalaureate Degree. Refer to the 4-year roadmap and/or University Catalog for Lower Division General Education and Major Prerequisite courses.

The Stanislaus State General Education (GE) program is undergoing changes with the implementation of AB 1460 Ethnic Studies Graduation Requirement. In order to honor the transfer pathway of students who started prior to the new law, transfers enrolling at Stan State for the first time Fall 2021-Spring 2023 will follow the 2020-21 GE Program. Major requirements will follow the 2022-23 catalog.

Third Year

Fall Semester
Elective  3

Choose one of the following courses:

MKT 3410 Principles of Marketing   3
OM 3020 Management Science  3

Choose one of the following courses:

Total Units 15
Cumulative Total 15
Spring Semester
General Education Area UD-D (Multicultural) 3
BUS 2090 Ethics and Social Responsibility for Businesses and Businesspeople  3
MGT 3310 - Management Theory and Practice    3
FIN 3220 - Business Finance   3

Choose one of the following courses:

Elective 1
Total Units 14
Cumulative Total 29
  • ACC 3110 is a required prerequisite for ACC 3120.
  • Take BQSAT Test (www.csustan.edu/cba/bqsat ).
  • Declare concentration by end of first term.
  • Satisfy multicultural requirement once (either in UD-C or UD-D).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



Fourth Year

*Apply for Graduation

Fall Semester
General Education Area UD-C (Multicultural) 3
OM 3010 - Operations Management   3
MGT 3400 - International Business   3
CIS 3700 Information Technology for Management  3

Choose ONE of the following courses:

Total Units 16
Cumulative Total 45
Spring Semester
General Education Area UD-B 3
MGT 4900 Business Policy  3
BUS 4901 Business Professionalism  1

Choose TWO of the following courses:

Total Units 15
Cumulative Total 60
  • Submit a Graduation Application when two semesters remain or 90
    units have been completed.
  • This is a suggested roadmap and subject to change. Check the “University Catalog” and “Course Schedule” for the most accurate course offerings each semester. Students should enroll in course(s) as space is available in the section(s) offered.
  • Take advantage of Winter and Summer Terms to complete 30 units a year in order to graduate in 2 years.