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2022-2023 Academic Catalog 
2022-2023 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

About General Education

The curriculum of general education is central to the mission of Stanislaus State and to the explicit commitment to a quality liberal arts education. Subject and/or unit requirements may be fulfilled according to the University’s credit-by-examination policies.

The purpose of general education is to provide a common educational experience for students, regardless of major field of study. The faculty are committed to ensuring that the general education program cultivates knowledge, skills, and values that are characteristic of a learned person.

The general education program is organized into five subject areas of communication skills, natural sciences and mathematics, humanities, social sciences, and individual resources for modern living. The general education program also includes required courses in history and government. 

The academic goals of the University specify that the University will guide students to attain mastery in the search for knowledge and to become critical thinkers who have attained effective levels of expressive and scientific literacy. Those who graduate will be versatile in their approach to problems and refined in their ability to frame and test intellectual arguments and hypotheses. They will have knowledge of the arts, history, and cultural identities of past and current societies. They will understand the value of being caring and humane citizens engaged by the challenges facing their evolving communities.

The University provides curricular and co-curricular activities to enhance global thinking and environmental awareness, and to cultivate respect for cultural diversity, both within and beyond the boundaries of its educational community.

The University collaborates with partners in its surrounding communities to provide “service learning” opportunities for enhancing the educational experiences and civic awareness of our students. (See Service Learning in the Programs & Services  section of this catalog.)