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    California State University, Stanislaus
  Feb 23, 2018
2016-2017 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Environmental Sciences Concentration

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The concentration in Environmental Sciences is available to students majoring in Biological Sciences , Chemistry , Geology , Physical Sciences , or Physics .

The concentration in Environmental Sciences acquaints students with environmental problems and research in the areas of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences. Students will complete courses in each of these areas, participate in interdepartmental seminars, and become involved in the study of an environmentally related problem. Courses are required in each of the departments to help the student better understand the nature and diversity of the environment, as well as the broad scope of research and study necessary to deal effectively with environmental problems.

Each student must satisfy the graduation requirements of the University, including the completion of a major in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, Physical Sciences, or Physics. In addition, students must complete requirements for the Environmental Sciences concentration as outlined. Students majoring in Physical Sciences may combine the environmental sciences concentration requirements with major requirements to complete the Physical Sciences degree as outlined in the catalog.


(55 units minimum)*

* Most of these units will double-count in the major.

1. Complete the following prerequisites to the Environmental Sciences concentration or their equivalent when available:

(34-35 units)

2. Complete the following coursework for the Environmental Sciences concentration:

(21-22 units)


The individual study must be on an environmentally related problem which has been selected in consultation with the adviser. Each student should include additional environmental courses in consultation with the adviser.

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