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2014-2015 Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Academic Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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ANTH 4850 - Crafting Maya Identities: Household Archaeology in Mesoamerica

(3 Units)
An archaeological survey of identity formation among the ancient Maya and their neighbors.  Students will work with primary archaeological data to undersand the roots of Mesoamerican cultural practices seen in Latin America today. One of two paired courses in the G.E. Summit Program (Latin American Identities, Past and Present).

Satisfies G.E. area F3 and G.

Prerequisites: Completion of lower-division G.E. area D3 requirements, and consent of Summit Program Coordinator; ANTH 2090 (or equivalent) recommended.

Hours: (Lecture, 2 hours; laboratory, 2 hours)

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